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Why We Do What We Do

Reader-funded, completely independent, and courageous journalism

The Cannon Post is borne out of a pure fiery passion for truth, justice, and equity.

The drive is the unflinching desire for freedom, the common good, the enthronement of excellence, and the dignity of our people and our communities.

We are a totally independent news media organization, free from any ties to the rich, the strong, or the powerful, and we will be forever.

This enables us to report the news as absolutely unbiased as it should be, courageously presenting the truth to our readers in the simplest and clearest format to educate, inform and entertain.

In a fast-paced world where we are inundated by information, some of us are obviously overwhelmed, not only by the sheer quantity of information but by the confusion that comes with this.

The Cannon Post comes to help our readers sift through the intimidating maze of information, disinformation, misinformation, and lies, and present the pure truth that transforms and empowers our readers.


The mission of the Cannon Post is to give a powerful voice to the neglected and the commonest section of our society, to enhance excellence and justice.


We strongly believe in the independence of the press and freedom of a well-formed conscience sculpted with the truth. Our reportage is dictated and guided by this principle.


The Cannon Post is reader-funded and one of our major goals is to create and encourage a culture of excellence among our readers and our communities.

A profoundly aware population is always ready to solve problems for humanity and make our world a better place.

We want to provide internet access and standard ICT and technical training to thousands of youths in the remotest parts of our continent

Every time you read, donate or contribute to the Cannon Post, you are helping to train someone somewhere in life-changing ICT and technical skills that will transform communities.

You are also providing internet access to some of the most unreached places without these basic materials.

You are helping us to remain forever independent and fearless in sourcing and presenting the truth

That’s our goal. That’s why we are here. Now, that is humanity!


Your support, no matter how little means so much to us. It will help us in our investigations and sustain our projects.

You can start NOW with as little as $1 or less (no matter your currency, our system will convert it accurately)

You can make a one-time contribution or you can make a recurrent contribution.

Whatever method you chose, you are welcome.


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Excellent, factual, and fearless journalism is very expensive and, that is what we are committed to bring to you for free.The Cannon Post is helping to provide computer sets, ICT,tech training, and education to the most vulnerable in our communities – to give them a brighter future. We’re only banking on the generosity of our readers to continue these projects while remaining absolutely independent, brutally honest and fearless in our reportage.

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