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What really makes a good story/contact?

A good content or news tip must have strong documentation or witness that authenticates it. This is very essential. Suspecting that something happened or that someone did something isn’t enough evidence.

You should also be very specific and present what happened in a simple way that people can easily understand. If you know that something really happened but can’t get the documents, you should know where they are and how we can get them.

All the information sent to us is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Our editors will look at the tip you sent and confirm if it will be published or not. We will never share your contacts/information with anyone. Your secrets die with us

Here are ways you can send us your information:

  1. WhatsApp

Is a secure platform you can use to send us any message easily. It uses an end to end encryption which means that only the sender and the recipient can read the messages set. It also has a feature that self-destructs any message you sent, if you turn it on and set up the feature.

Our WhatsApp number: +353 899 75 4950

2. Telegram

Telegram is a free and open-source, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and several other features. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

Our Telegram: +353 899 75 4950

3. Signal

This is a free and open-source messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption to send messages, photos, videos, and calls. The app also allows messages to self-destruct, removing them from the recipient’s and sender’s phones (once it’s been seen) after a set amount of time.

Our Signal: +353 899 75 4950

4. Email

You may send us encrypted or unencrypted emails. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is encryption software that allows you to send encrypted emails and documents. Protonmail is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland by scientists who spent time at the CERN research facility. Protonmail makes use of PGP which means that nobody can read or scan your email if you send it to us with Protonmail. Get Protonmail here.

Our Emails:


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