Anambra Governor Drives Innoson SUV

Prof Soludo is a man who has been known to keep his promises and this is one of the reasons for the huge confidence in his ability to deliver in Anambra state. His ability to assess his capabilities accurately and devise means of achieving his laid out goals, endears him to the people who know his personal including the thousands of students he had mentored

During his  campaigns, he had promised to use and patronize locally made products as a governor, from the clothes he would wear, to the official car he would drive as a governor.

Some people who did not know the man felt it was another empty talk by politicians to deceive the masses and present a semblance of standing with them, Those who knew him better knew he was going to keep those words to the letter.

After his victory at the polls and, as he interacted with Ndi Anambra ,speaking about his plans for the state, he talked about the vision he intends to carry out immediately he resumes office as the governor of Anambra state. The then  governor-elect promised to support the Akwaete clothing in Anambra and make the innoson auto brand as his official vehicle.

It was an atmosphere of pride and joy when the governor’sconvoy pulled into the event arean on Thursaday in a locally made SUV from Innoson Vehicle manufacturing- exactly as he had told the world.

During those days of his interactions, he said, “Igbo land is one and we must protect it. We want to bring back the zeal of patronizing our own. I have said it even during campaigns, and I meant it, that if I win, the official car of the governor of Anambra state will be Innoson motors”.

Anambra State Governor-elect, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has said that his decision to be wearing Akwete dresses has shot up the demand for the locally made fabric.

He also added that as a policy to promote local brands, he will serve only locally made beer and palmwine at the Government House, and at government functions.

” My Akwaete dress is not just a dress, it is a statement. You know in the entire South-east, this is the only textile alive, and it is handmade. The dresses I will be wearing are those made locally in our place here. We must protect the things that are made in our place. Something is about to happen in Igboland,to, and together we will get there”.

Soludo’s media assistant, Mr Joe Anatune said the media team of the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor sent one of its reporters to Akwete in Abia State, where the fabric was made, and it was discovered that the demand for the material is now high since Soludo announced that he will be wearing the locally made material.

Prof Soludo’s action is in absolute contrast to the Nigerian house of representatives who though, preach the ‘buy naija ‘mantra, rejected Innoson vehicles and ordered 400 Toyota Camry 2020 model cars  for members as official cars, otherwise called utility vehicles

Soludo is showing the world that charity begins at home and also that a leader should do what he says .


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