Fans Crowd fund To Make Kanye West A Billionaire Again

Die-hard fans of Kanye West are attempting to raise money to make their idol a billionaire again. Their target amount is $600 million.

Since the controversial billionaire rapper and businessman got dropped by Adidas and other companies, he seems to have been in the news even more than before and, for very diverse reasons, all still bearing the mark of controversy.

Following his anti-Semitic outbursts, many businesses severed ties with him and pulled out of deals. Kanye West’s business empire came tumbling down and he was said to have left his billionaire status after Adidas cut ties with him.

Kanye had also made some anti-black comments and, even after he crashed, he still continued to reel out anti-Semitic comments.

Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, is staying markedly silent after self-destructing his partnership with German sportswear giant Adidas—a move that reportedly left a $1.5 billion dent in his net worth.

Ye is reported to be worth about $400million currently, a drastic dive from his initial worth of $ 2 billion

Despite the series of West-centered controversies, the rapper’s fans appear ready to help him at all costs.

On Monday, media outlets reported that West-lovers had launched GoFundMe campaigns to pad the rapper’s pockets. One of the main fundraisers, titled “Make Kanye West a billionaire again,” had attracted some $5 before being removed from GoFundMe’s platform, according to the hip-hop news website AllHipHop..

Even still, other West-related fundraisers are displayed on GoFundMe’s website. One titled “Help Kany [sic] West Be a Billionaire Again” had not yet raised any money in the 10 hours after its launch.

Some who have taken note of the effort to make Ye rich again apparently think that they’re more worthy of the aid. “Don’t make Kanye West a billionare [sic], make me one!” reads one such GoFundMe campaign.

Another person titled their fundraiser “Make me (not Kayne West) billionaire again” and posted a picture of a brown-haired man posing with a brown dog.

Some of his fans pointed out to their listeners that Kanye was a “creative genius” who needed their help, some did drop a few coins in the bucket, though others weren’t so forthcoming.


One man admitted he couldn’t forgive the rapper for his latest outburst at Taylor Swift while another was GLAD he had lost his cash, because he preferred old Kanye’s music.


He said: “Hopefully he’ll lose all his money on fashion and he’ll make some good music again.”

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