Peter Obi Goes To Egypt

Peter Obi had hinted his followers about his movement and also his purpose for the the visit.

In a tweet he made on June 14,2022,he had stated that he was on the trip to understudy the power sector of the North African country which has become the prime model of development in Africa.

He also intimated  Nigerians that he would study their Education, Planning and Finance Sectors. 

The news of his departure for Egypt was received with so much excitement by Nigerians who consider such a bold and pragmatic step to be a sign of good tidings ,especially for the nation’s power sector which has been moribund for decades.

Many Nigerians have never witnessed a steady power supply as the country’s power generation has never been adequate due to poor infrastructure and the corruption that has bedevilled the sector for ages.

The Labour Party Candidate there is seen as a ray of hope to millions of Nigerians who are beginning to see some light in the horizon and the possibility of a new life once again in their country ,where small businesses and the private sector could thrive once again.

Peter Obi in Egypt with some engineers

The comatose power sector has been responsible for the death of many industries and businesses in Nigeria ,a country of over 200 million people,adjudged the most populous black nation on earth and sadly, generating a meager 4000 MW of electricity.

According to a news article by the People’s Gazette,the Nigeria’s national grid had collapsed again for the 17th time in 6 months!

It is therefore not surprising that millions of Nigerians could not hide their excitement when they read that Peter Obi ,whom many of the youths are supporting to become the country’s president in 2023,was in Egypt to understand their magic

The Labour Party presidential candidate is expected back in the country on Saturday,June 18.

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