Jason Njoku Apologizes For His Past Comments After His App Was Saved By Igbo People

Media mogul and IrokoTV CEO,Mr. Jason Njoku has apologized for his past remarks about the Igbo language after he witnessed the massive support he got from the Igbo people when his app was threatened with attack by some misguided northern Nigerian group, who had wanted it to be removed from Google play store

According to him, Jason Njoku had tweeted i 2019 that, neither he nor his kids understand nor speak his native Igbo language and the ‘heavens won’t fall’.He claimed that his kids were studying French and Mandarin, but not the Igbo language

He wrote: “My children are currently learning French. Mandarin will be up next. I intend for them to develop this over the next 10 years. They can’t speak Igbo (neither can I). It’s okay. The world won’t shake from its foundations.” This did not go down well with may of his Igbo followers ,who immediately registered their displeasure but,Jaso was in a diffeent world ,insistent on his statements

Little did he know that trouble was to begin for IrokoTV app in 2021. It started when some group of people from the northern part of the country,began to mobilize on the social media to massively report IrokoTV app and also write malicious,slanderous and false reviews about the app. This action followed the yanking off from the play store of an app called Crowwe,which was created by a certain Adamu Garba,a northern IT specialist and the CEO of IPI Solutios.

His application had received bad reviews and got reported when uses noticed that he had copied his terms and conditions from another online platform,Spotify. Concerned Nigerians raised alarm about this coupled with the prevailing situation following the sudden banning of twitter in Nigeria by the government,which Mr Adamu Garba openly supported and taunted the Nigerian twitter users especially the young people.

On seeig the plan and the impending evil intended by the Arewa youths,a tweeter user aleted Jason Njoku but,by then the bad reviews were already showinh up on googl eplay store . Mr Njoku acknowledged because he had seen the ugly reviews already

The unwarranted attack on the app was also steeped in the smouldering ethnic hatred among some peole of the north for the Igbos,and this was not unnoticed.Soon after the revelation of the plot,the Igbo people on the social media who got the information ,ralied round their ‘brother’ despite their grause with him for the denigration of their langauge and what he wrote about them some ears earlier

On seeing this,they went all out to give his app a massive support by sending in loads of good ratings and reviews. The positive reviews have continued to come since then and obviously downed out the negative posts b the Arewa youths and saved the app.

This sheer show of love and support saved his app from being throw out of the store and also compelled him to apologize to his Igbo people for the unexpected solidarity .He also thanked them for what they did

And ,that was how the people saved the app from getting yanked off like the Crowwe app.

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